Mixed Sunflower Seed – 5 varieties – 25g

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25g of mixed seed including: Sungold Dwarf, Gaint Mammoth, Velvet Queen, Sunspot, and Chocolate Cherry Sunflower. Seeds are mixed, not in individual packets.

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Enjoy this annual blend of all your favourite sunflower varieties. Scores of pollinators - and other beneficial insects - will love your garden. So will the wild birds who come to eat the seeds in late summer. Sunflowers look beautiful in long garden rows, beside driveways and fences, next to buildings, or in open spaces…you do you . Add colour and beauty to your summer with these incredible, hardy and drought tolerant flowers!
  • Starting

    Sow seeds at a depth of 5 mm (1/4-1/2"). Space them 14-45 cm (6-18"). Starting indoors is not recommended, sunflowers do best is planted directly into the soil outside. Sunny, sheltered areas work best. Sow the seeds after the last spring frost date. Germination: 7-21 days

  • Growing

    Water a little or water a lot, you do you! Sunflowers are easy to get along with, they are drought tolerant but also like water. Likewise with fertilizing. Taller plants may need staking due to the weight of their huge heads.

  • Harvesting

    Maturity: 90-110 days. Let the seed heads dry on their stems if possible. If needed put a paper bag over the head to keep birds away or feed the birds, your choice. Don’t pick too soon, when the plant dies back it needs time to develop the seeds within their hulls. When the head is facing down, the petals have fallen off, and the back of head has turned from green to yellow, cut the head off leaving 30cm (12 inches) of stem attached. Dry indoors for another 2-3 weeks in a cool, dry place. All varieties of sunflower seeds are edible.

  • Seed Saving

    Remove the seeds by rubbing 2 heads together. Roast or eat raw, or save the seeds to plant again next year.

  • Companion Planting