About Us

Oh! Canada Seeds…A homegrown company.  (Oh my, how we LOVE puns in our household!)

Hi Everyone,

I’m Susan, the owner of Oh! Canada Seeds. You could say we like gardening, but the truth might be closer to…obsession?  Put simply, it gives us a feeling of contentedness. Full-stop. Working with the soil, nurturing our seeds, harvesting food, we just love it!

To be honest, we didn’t find it easy to get started. There was so much information out there, it was hard to know where to start. What grows here? How do we grow it? Where should we start?

We quickly realized we wanted to make gardening more accessible for beginners. To spare our fellow gardeners the trial and error of figuring it out by yourself like we did. We founded Oh! Canada Seeds in 2019 in our home of Halifax, Nova Scotia and are so glad we did. Supporting gardeners has rewarded us with a diverse community of people who love gardening like we do. Young, not-so-young, political or not, gardening unites us all – or at least that’s how we see it!

So sit back, relax, have a cup of tea…and grow some plants.  We promise to keep supporting you with great quality seeds, easy-to-use products…and lots of warm, friendly thoughts 😊

Happy Growing!

Susan – Owner and Plant Lover