Hot Pepper Seed Variety Pack and Starter Grow Kit - for Planting in Canada

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  • SAVE TIME – Everything you need to grow your own pepper plants with this ALL-IN-ONE kit.
  • ALL NATURAL – 100% heirloom, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO, untreated and chemical-free seeds.
  • LOVE THE HEAT!!! – Grow Jalapeno, Habanero and Ghost Peppers (Bhut Jolokia). Hot, hotter and hottest!
  • SAVE THE PLANET – Reusable bamboo-based seedling trays.
  • Our reusable bamboo-based seedling trays are durable and fully functional, without the damaging environmental effects of plastic trays. Take care of our green planet, inside and outside of your garden!
  • GROW WITH CONFIDENCE - Detailed growing INSTRUCTIONS will make you an expert at growing in CANADA!  Grow your own peppers right in your kitchen, balcony, patio, window, or windowsill. Grow indoor container plants or use as a starter kit before transplanting outdoors to your garden.