Canadian Wildflower Seed Mix - 19 Annual & Perennial Varieties - 100g

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Mix of 19 non-invasive wildflower varieties native to Canada. Covers 750-1000 sq. ft. (70-92 m2). Zones 3-10. Bird and pollinator friendly (including bees). Mixed seed.
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Cold, heat, and drought tolerant, this mix will create splendid beauty for spring, summer and fall. Great for a garden border, living fence, or adding a little privacy to your yard; turn your lawn into a meadow!


INCLUDES: Bachelor button, Perennial lupine, Russell lupine, Baby’s breath, Scarlet flax, Coreopsis lance leaved, Siberian Wallflower, Blue flax, Purple coneflower, Indian blanket, Black-eyed Susan, Gayfeather, Catchfly, Spurred snapdragon, European columbine, Sweet William, Foxglove, Maltese cross, Shasta daisy

  • Starting

    Choose a location with 6-8hrs of direct sun. Remove all vegetation, preferably by hand, as tilling can cause weed seeds to sprout. For even seed distribution, mix seeds with sand before sowing (5:1 sand to seeds). Sow half the seeds 2 weeks before last spring frost, when the ground is still cold. 8 weeks later, sow remaining seeds when all risk of frost has passed. Alternatively, you can sow half the seeds in late autumn, and the other half 6 weeks after the final spring frost. Broadcast by hand over bare, lightly raked soil. After sowing, rake lightly to cover with 3mm (1/8”) soil; covering too deeply will delay germination. Water directly after sowing, and regularly for 4-6 weeks.

  • Growing

    Drought tolerant once established. Do not fertilize - reduces blooming. New wildflower gardens are very susceptible to weeds, so weed regularly.

  • Harvesting

    At end of autumn mow garden to height of 10-15cm (4-6”).

  • Seed Saving

    Not necessary. Many of the annuals in this mix will self-seed and the biennials and perennials will naturally grow again in subsequent years as per their nature.

  • Companion Planting