Survival Peas - Laxton’s Progress Bush Pea – 160g, 500seeds

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This garden (shelling) pea grows (15”) high and produces pods with 7-9 peas each. A great farm-to-table crop for novice gardeners and expert homesteaders alike. Heirloom, untreated, non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated.

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Peas are a must-have for any survival garden. They can be eaten raw or cooked, stored frozen or dry, and can be incorporated into almost any meal. 

  • Starting

    Peas are a cool weather crop and can be sown as early as the ground can be worked. Sow double rows directly in the soil spaced 25cm (10”) deep and 6.5cm (2.5”) apart. Space rows 75cm (2.5’) apart. Sow every 2 weeks for continual harvest throughout the summer until mid-summer. Untreated seeds (chemical free) can be tricky to sprout, so if you don’t see seedling after 10-14 days, replant.

  • Growing

    Laxton’s Progress peas grow 38cm (15”) high, so trellising is optional but not necessary. There’s no need to thin the seedlings.

  • Harvesting

    Expect a generous harvest of large 11- 13cm (4 ½ - 5 ½”) long pods that contain 7 to 9 delicious, dark green, high-quality peas. Maturity in 58 days, height 45cm (18”). Pods are ready to pick when they’re full and plump. Regular picking will encourage more production. (Note: the pods of this pea variety are not typically eaten, shell before consuming)

  • Seed Saving

    Allow the pods to dry on the still-growing plant until the pea seeds rattle loosely inside the dry, brown pods. Pick the pods and let them further dry inside for another 1-2 weeks. Remove the seeds from the pods and store in a cool, dry location.

  • Companion Planting

    Plant with: beans, carrots, cabbage, celery, corn, cucumber Don’t plant with: chive, onion, garlic