Not yet, but we hope to in future! We're still an itty-bitty business but as we grow, so will our product line.  We want to offer you a variety great stuff!!....just one step at a time :)

Looking for more growing instructions? Check out the ‘SHOP’ or ‘PRODUCTS’ sections of our website. We’ve added detailed growing instructions for all of our products that are specific to the seeds included in that product. For example, information on growing peas can be found when viewing either of our vegetable variety packs and so on. Thanks!

We found the best planting calendar for you! We are loath to steer you away from our website, but if something great already exists, why reinvent it? Community values are important to us and that includes sharing. In that light, we’d like to share this resource, equipping you with the best support possible as our fellow gardener. The website we recommend allows you to enter your postal code so it can accurately provide you with indoor starting dates, outdoor starting dates, and transplanting dates. Now, once you’ve visited their site...you come straight back here and buy our seeds, you hear!


Most seeds last 2-5 years, some varieties as much as 10. Even then, they don't stop germinating at once, you just get a lower germination rate each year that follows. For example, seeds that last '2 years' may germinate 85 out of 100 seeds at that 2-year mark, but after 10 years will still germinate around 20-40 seeds. So, if you're putting seeds away for a 'survival garden', we recommend replacing your kit every 5 years for best results, but stretching it to 10 years will still give you some plants. But isn’t there a such thing as a 20-year shelf life? Not really. Businesses that advertise this are assuming at least a few seeds of each kind will still sprout after 20 years, which is true. But relying on 20-year-old seeds from a survival or prepping point of view is not something we recommend. However, if you bought seeds in 2022 will they still be good in 2025? …Yep!